Washington’s second cidermaker is set to open this fall

The D.C. cider scene is set to expand this fall when Supreme Core cidermoves into an industrial space near the National Arboretum. Co-founders Will Sullivan and Kyle Crosby, who used to work as consultants, have both been making their own cider for years. They actually met online on a forum for cidermakers, “where we were sharing tips, advice on process, things like that,” Sullivan says.

Eventually, they figured out that they both lived in Washington and wanted to talk cider in person. “We met at Glen’s [Garden Market],” Crosby says. “It was like a blind date.”

The two hit it off over a love of “West Coast”-style ciders: “West Coast cider is about approach and process more than anything else,” Sullivan explains. Instead of East Coast ciders, which tend to focus on heirloom-style apple varieties, “what the craft producers in the Pacific Northwest started doing is, they took the apples that were available and were being really creative about blending them for the right flavors and acid levels.”

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