A Laid-Back Cidery “for Beer Drinkers” Opens Soon in Ivy City

Supreme Core Cidery, DC’s second, plays to a casual drinking crowd with creative apple brews.

Cider is one of those amorphous beverages that can take on wine or beer-like qualities. It can be lean and acidic or crisp and effervescent, swirled in a stem glass or poured into a pint. It’s the beer side of cider that Will Sullivan and Kyle Crosbychanneled when founding Supreme Core Cider two years ago—and a style they hope to foster in their brick-and-mortar cidery and tasting room, opening in Ivy City on Saturday, May 12.

“Cider for beer drinkers—that’s our background. We’re in a can, everything is on draft, we pour into pint glasses,” says Sullivan. “We want to promote the laid-back brewery vibe.”

The duo are both self-described “big craft beer guys.” Crosby, a home brewer, started making cider for his sister who has celiac disease. (Cider is naturally gluten-free.) Eventually, the friends quit their respective consulting jobs and became certified cider-makers at Cornell University. They’ve been operating out of Baltimore’s Charm City Meadworks while building out their own 5,000 square-foot space near the National Arboretum, all while growing their distribution to 55 locations around Washington. 

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Hard apple cider varieties from Supreme Core Cider: Nother Mother, Cherry Bloom and Micawber
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