D.C.’s Second Cidery is Open and Serving Ciders Beer Drinkers Will Love

Supreme Core’s Nother Mother cider is dry-hopped with three variety of hops.


Supreme Core Craft Cider is the second cidery to plant roots in D.C. By definition, cideries are considered wineries, but Supreme Core’s ciders are primed to appeal more to beer drinkers.

Because there are fewer than 1,000 cideries in the U.S. compared to more than 6,000 breweries and more than 9,000 wineries, cider tends to get roped into one of those two camps. It’s a false dichotomy, as “cider is really its own thing,” according to Supreme Core co-founder Kyle Crosby. “In all technical terms sure, it’s a winery—you’re using fruit juice to create an alcoholic product—but it’s got its own tradition, its own history.”

Crosby and his business partner Will Sullivan see their cider being placed in the beer camp, and they’re fine with that. They recognize cider as its own distinct product, but they also recognize the moment unfiltered, unpasteurized cider is having. A similar trend occurring with beer is the explosion of unfiltered hazy or “juicy” India Pale Ales sometimes called New England or NE IPA.

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