Supreme Core Cider Does D.C. (and Cider) Differently

By: Liana Scarsella

When Will Sullivan and Kyle Crosby bonded over cider on a fateful day in Washington, D.C., they were destined for bromance. But why stop there? The cider soul brothers agreed their mutual love of unfiltered, natural cider called for a partnership of its own: Supreme Core Cider. Since opening a taproom this year and claiming the position as D.C.’s second cidery after ANXO Cidery, Supreme Core has taken the license to get creative in a community that is just getting acquainted with the beverage, but always down for adventure. Speaking of adventure, Crosby became a new father this year (on the day of our interview — cheers!), so Sullivan took the lead to give us the scoop on the team’s experience as new business owners and what’s to come.

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Will and Kyle sit in an apple orchard. Supreme Core Cider on tap.
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